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About Roof Services Company

Roof Services Company is a professional, full service, commercial roofing company. We pride ourselves on expeditious services dedicated to perfection. Services range from rectifying water infiltration due to minor physical damage, to total roof replacement!

In the early eighties, Chuck Shank, the founder of Roof Services Company worked as a crew member for a roofing company to meet the financial burdens of college. After graduating from Rutgers University, Chuck decided to stay in the roofing industry and landed a position with Carlisle Syntec Systems, Incorporated. The position with Carlisle shaped his knowledge of the technical side of the roofing industry.

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Career advancement to a major waterproofing company allowed him to take a position in which he was responsible for 65 union roofers in New York City. Both positions in Chuck's career, helped shape a vision he had to form a solid company that was based on strong technical practices as well as responding to the building owners' needs or requests in a prompt, professional manner. That vision evolved into Roof Services Company.

Roof Services Company was founded as a small company dedicated to personal, immediate service for the customer. Roof Services Company was obligated to respond within 24 hours to calls ranging from a small puncture in the primary roof membrane, to service calls for incorporating auxiliary rooftop equipment into the existing roof system, to meeting with the customer to outline short, midterm, or long range plans for their roof system.

Roof Services Company has grown to a full service commercial roofing company employing the most proficient mechanics in the industry and assuring that these mechanics remain proficient through continued education. Continued education in technological system advancements, new products and enviromental concerns is a pivotal factor in allowing Roof Services Company to remain as a leader in the roofing industry.

The underlying foundation of service is still a prevalent factor in the company's everyday accomplishments. Chuck insisted from inception that the word service be part of the company name, so that all would be reminded that service is where it began, service is where it is, and service is certainly where it is going!

Certifications and Endorsements
Carlisle SynTec Logo Authorized Carlisle SynTec Applicator

Service Channel Certification
Service Channel Certification
OSHA Certification
U.S. Department of Labor
OSHA Certification

NJ Business Certificate
NJ Business Registration Certificate

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All work performed by Roof Services Company, whether small repairs or larger replacement projects, is detail oriented. This makes us one of the leaders in the industry.
Let us prove it to you! 732-247-1777!

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Roof Services Company
Roof Systems by Design
8 Lori Court
Somerset, NJ 08873
PHONE (732) 247-1777
FAX (732) 247-7711
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